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retrocharm's Journal

amélie, animal collective, antique furniture, antiques, antiques roadshow, astronomy, atomic era, auctions, baby sloths, being in love, big imaginations, boys with dimples, broken social scene, buddhism, busdriver, cale parks, cats, charles eames, chipotle, chubby people, clean underwear, concerts, count bass d, cunninlynguists, cupcakes, curb your enthusiasm, cynical humor, czech, daedelus, daft punk, dancing, danish furniture, danish modern, danish modern design, digitalism, don hertzfeldt, dreaming, fearless attitude, finn juhl, game show network, gay rights, ghost world, ghostland observatory, gnomes, grand buffet, hans wegner, herman miller, holding onto dreams, hot chip, humanism, i heart huckabees, immortal technique, independent films, indie, inner peace, interpol, laughing, lcd soundsystem, lingo, livejournal, maps and atlases, mates of state, menomena, mid century modern, mid century modern design, minus the bear, modern art, modest mouse, monopoly, mylo, mysticism, narwhals, of montreal, ozz franca, pervy humor, philosophy, piano, prefuse 73, sarcasm, science, sewing, sideburns, sigur ros, sloths, soulseek, space, stars, stereolab, sufjan stevens, sunset rubdown, tetris, the 50's, the 60's, the 80's, the arcade fire, the blood brothers, the dismemberment plan, the fiery furnaces, the meaning of life, the presets, the sea and cake, the smiths, the truth, the universe, the wonder years, the-perks-of-being-a-wallflower, thrift store shopping, thrifting, tim and eric, unicorns, unity, unsolved mysteries, vintage things, vladimir kagan, wayne's world, wolf parade, world peace